I had a grid view with the DataSourceId property is set to a SqlDataSource control. Also it have a RowDataBound event bounded to have custom data formatting. Then I noticed that the RowDataBound is getting fired twice, as if it binding data twice.

The reason for that behavior I figured out after some hours of debugging. The reason was I have some code that set the column headers which assign language specific header titles on Page_Load() event. When you alter the column specific properties after data binding through a Data Source control, it always tries to get the data set again from the source. But this happen only when there is a change in the newly assigned data.

Because I had some pages doing the same thing, but they were not having this issue. Then I realized that if the newly assigned data differs from what exists in the GridView, only then it tries to call for another data fetch.

This won’t happen if you had created the data set separately, and assign it into the DataSource property.


Hope I have saved someones time.


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