Download the reCaptcha library from this link and add the reference to your web project. Sometimes its not getting copied to your bin folder, if so just to make sure do it manually.

Signup in the reCaptcha official web site and register the web address you will be running your site. Then it will give you 2 keys as public and private.
Store them in your main web.config file appsetting section.

Changes in View

Now the background is setup. Let’s open the view file. Place the following code where you want to appear the captcha.


Note: if you just use @Html.GenerateCaptcha() it will only render the script as it is. I had a nasty time struggling to tackle. 🙂 But it motivated me to write this down.

Changes in Controller

Now go to your controller add the following attributes to your action method,
Also add an additional Boolean parameter called captchaValid, which will be populated from the injected recaptcha module.


public ActionResult Register(RegisterModel model, bool captchaValid)
   if (captchaValid)
      if (ModelState.IsValid) {
         //Submit Data
         return RedirectToAction("Index", "Home");
      ModelState.AddModelError("", "You did not type the verification word correctly please try again.");

That is all. Now you are secured against automatic login request attempts.


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