Welcome to my blog. I am Chinthana Jayawardena. A Technical Consultant in a software firm.

Blogging is something really cool, that allows us to share our thoughts, day to day problems and solutions etc… I do think internet has been the leader to bring innovations to the world. That is in the aspect of allowing a place to share ideas. Therefore more people get to know lot of experience that they never had by reading other people blogs. Actually blogs have saved my day because of some bloggers. I must say that everybody should start sharing to build a better world tomorrow.

In the end all these thoughts running in someones mind suddenly blast into a new innovative idea.

Now what I would like to cover in my blog is the problems that I counter day to day, or my team members, that is worth sharing.

Technology wise I am open to all. But my majors are,

  1. Microsoft technologies .NET, ASP.NET/ C#/ MVC, entity framework/Azure
  2. SpringFramework for .net
  3. nHibernate
  4. Javascript/jQuery
  5. HTML5/CSS3
  6. Deployment packages experience with Windows 2008 server, Azure servers

New applications trend has gone to UI Rich applications. Therefore we have a great challenge, and demanding requirement which everybody ask that is a cohesive model that give best performance with UI Rich experience.

My blogs will mostly focused in these matters. But of course I may give crash courses/tutorials kind a samples as time allows.

May god bless me and you and our families to do our duties to the world.

High five for the bloggers!


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